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The Inner Core Academy is here to help you become sustainable and profitable. Go through the trainings and get the support you need and like my former client, you may end up getting this same notification from a grantor............

"You have been awarded 1 million dollars”

Sandra Chaney

What You Will Learn With Your Membership

  • Steps to starting a nonprofit business
  • How to build and strengthen your foundation
  • Board recruitment & Development
  • ​How to run a successful nonprofit business 
  • How to write a strong grant proposal
  • ​Funding mistakes you shouldn’t make
  • What it takes to create a funding strategy plan
  • How to create an operational and program budget 
  • ​And so much more!


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Hi, I'm Sandra Chaney
"The Non Prophet Coach"
Sandra Chaney is Nonprofit Strategist, Certified Empowerment Coach, Speaker 8x international bestselling author, Fatherless Daughter, and Women’s Advocate.

She is a thriver of domestic violence, sexual assault,
homelessness, and sex trafficking. Sandra is on a global assignment to help empower women to turn the pain into power and purpose so they can live their best in life and business.

She is the CEO of Sandra Chaney Enterprises and the Founder of the Inner Core Academy where she provides strategies to nonprofit businesses to help them become profitable and sustainable.


Your Success is a Decision Away


Real People - Real Results

“Hello Sandra! How are you? I am happy to report I got my first grant! I worked hard on my LOI (letter of intent) and worked hard on meeting and responding to every requirement! Thank you for your advice about sticking to what I do - domestic violence - that helped tremendously! I am proud of myself because I didn’t give up - I kept trying and writing until I got it right! I thank God for giving me the words and wisdom to write a grant! Another accomplishment I can check off!”

~~ Vickie Evans ~~
Playwright and Author

I strongly recommend Sandra’s expertise and guidance for anyone looking to build & navigate
the nonprofit sector of business. She is very organized, detailed, and knowledgeable, and has
plenty of resources in her possession to share with clients. Sandra was great at communicating
exactly what was needed and asked all of the right questions.

Most importantly, I could feel her 
passion through her work, and quickly developed a sense that she
believed in my mission and 
wanted to help. Her service is relational rather than transactional, and this consequently assured me as a client that she had my best interest in mind. Our goal was to obtain
501c3 status with an 
initial application without any modifications or resubmissions, and we
accomplished just that!

~~ Blake Bozeman (M.A.) ~~
Founder @ The Pivot Group

Hello Sandra,
I am still reeling and pumped after taking your Nonprofit Master class.  Firstly I want to say thank you for ‘making it plain’. You served up the lessons in a way that made me understand that my efforts have not been in vain... they just need to be better organized and infused with more of the information and encouragement that you, absolutely can and did provide. 

I look so forward to learning from you, so that the
women whose lives I touch (gointhrough Domestic Violence) will benefit from my having taken the time to ‘be better prepared to help them to help themselves.

God’s continued blessings, my Sista.  Pease Jah,

~~ Marci Walker ~~
Owner, Madam Walker Braidery, Lockery $ School

I’m so glad I was in the room for this. In my hunger for becoming knowledgeable on running my non-profit, I have attended in the past other nonprofit workshops, even those sponsored by the Maryland National Nonprofit Association, but I always left with more unanswered questions.

This workshop 
blessed my life. It was very enlightening, extremely educational, informative, and let me not forget EMPOWERING. The experience alone was priceless. As someone else state, you have to be present because transformation happens when you are in the room.
Kudos Sandra

~~ Shauntia Stanback ~~
Non-Profit Executive

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